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Frequently Asked Questions

What do your wedding collections offer?

We created wedding collections based off of years of experience and gathering information to give our couples exactly what they need for their wedding day. Take a peek at the collections and if you don't see what you are looking for we can customize one for you!


What kind of investment should we expect?

The most precious thing about pictures is that it never changes, allowing us to freeze time! As your wedding photographer, we will make sure your wedding pictures become a divine memory, not only for you, but also for your family to cherish for generation after generation.

Looking for local photographers is not easy, your wedding photographer is one of the most important decisions that you'll make in preparation for your wedding day. Since the wedding photos are the only thing that will be around long after the cake has been eaten, the bouquet has been tossed, and the last guest has gone home, it is essential that your wedding images are perfect.

The last thing we want is for your wedding photography investment to get in the way of your decision, which is why the first step is scheduling a consultation to create the wedding photos that will fit your wedding photography cost.

We can tell you that our clients can spend anywhere from  $2000 to $5000 on their wedding photography investment. 

At the end of the day, it's not just about creating wedding day memories—it's also about creating an experience for our clients that is as comfortable and enjoyable as if your spending your wedding day with your best friend.

If you are looking for divine memories that will last a lifetime from an experienced, award-winning wedding photographer, let's get started by scheduling a consultation today!


Are you licensed and insured?


In fact, checkout my sunbiz limited liability company (LLC) listing:

State License 

If you or your your wedding venue needs my insurance policy, just send me a email at michelle@divinegoddessphotography.com and I will be happy to send it right over to you. 

I also have an EIN to file my federal taxes and a Florida tax ID to file quarterly state taxes. 

Do you have a contract?


Our contracts are not done by us but done by an attorney! All of our contacts have gone through my business attorney, Sermons Law, to ensure that not only the business is protected, but more importantly that our couples are legally protected. 

What separates you from other photographers?

Every photographer is different, we all have our own style, our own creativity, and our own personality. That is what makes every photographer so special! 

As photographers we are a community over competition so you will never hear us talk down about another photographer or compare ourselves to other photographers. Most importantly, all we will do is share their gift in a positive way! 

What I can explain is how we will give you a divine experience and how our credentials will give you validation not only on our experience as wedding photographers but also quality images you will receive from us. 

Divine Goddess Photography has won 24 awards total in 2018 and 58 awards in 2019! And you better believe it, there is more to come! These awards range from International, national, state, and local competitions. And not just any competition, but from image competitions that are judged by judges that have to go through a grueling schooling process to become a professional photography judge. These image competitions are extremely difficult  to award in so every award has been earned through a lot of work, time, and more importantly experience. 

How many images should I expect?

Every wedding is different which makes your wedding so unique and special to you! Which is also why we cannot even give you a number of how many images you may receive. 

However, what we can promise is that we give you every image that is worth editing so you do not miss any images! In the many years of capturing weddings, we have never had a couple contact us asking for more images. That is because couples received every precious moment they could dream of on their day...and more!  

We believe you deserve these precious memories, I mean that is why you hire a wedding photographer right?! So we do not hold anything back! 

There is one negative side of this method...it's really hard to choose what to print because there are so many amazing memories captured! 




May we see a full wedding?

Of Course! 

We fill it is so important that you look at full wedding galleries to see ensure there is consistency of an entire wedding day. Check out a full wedding at:

Wedding Galleries

How long does the post processing take?

This can depend on my current workload, I have gotten a full wedding out in less than 2 weeks while others could have taken me 4 to 6 weeks. We do try to get 60 to 80 sneak peeks out within a few days but again, this can also depend on the current workload. 

What is more important is that the contract, again done by my lawyer, Sermons Law, protects every couple to ensure they must receive the gallery of images within 6 months from the wedding day. 

Why 6 months? Well unfortunately you knew know when tragedy strikes or serious injuries occur that are beyond our control. This is why we have a 6 month guarantee.  

Do you travel and what is the traveling investment we should expect?

We absolutely love to travel! We have been to Miami, Atlanta, Albamba, and even Mexico to name a few locations.

The investment all depends on the location. Pricing starts at a flat rate of $100 for anything over 100 miles. 

Do we get the copyrights?

No, however, you will receive the printing rights.

What does that all mean? Well, first and foremost, copyrights will always belong to the creator, in this case, Divine Goddess Photography unless they release the copyrights. 

Why do creators such as photographers not release their copyrights? Well, actually,  a few reasons. For one, we work really hard on creating our art and we do not want someone drawing a mustache on the bride because they are mad at the bride. That is not fair to the creator, or the bride! If we release the copyright, then that would be ok. And we all know, that is just not ok. Second, outside companies will "steal" our art and make a profit off of our hard work, again, that is not ok, agreed? 

However, what we can do as creators is give you the print release so that way you can make prints where you wish. However, that then releases the creator of any printing issues. 

Here at Divine Goddess Photography we do offer a wide variety of prints! For more information on what we offer for prints just check out our products page! 


How do I book?

Easy! Just contact us and we shall begin! 


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