Every wedding coordinator believes that: ''Organization is everything''

When it comes to planning your wedding day, it often helps to have a wedding coordinator—someone who can help make sure that things run smoothly.

  • Avoid budget stress

    When planning a wedding, the most stressful aspect for couples is ensuring that they stay within their budget. A coordinator can help eliminate that stress. “I had a bride book five bagpipers for over $1,000,” Katy said. “With my knowledge and expertise, I was able to explain that she only needed one and not five and was able to save her over $800!”

  • Enjoy special rates

    wedding coordinatorCoordinators have relationships with all kinds of vendors, enabling them to get you better deals. “Vendor relationships are a great perk to help find vendors worth the price, based on what the bride and groom are truly looking for, and make sure we meet their budget needs,” Katy said. “We can also sometimes get special vendor rates with the preferred vendors we work closely with. The bride and groom would not be able to get these special rates if they were to contact these vendors on their own.”

  • Keep your wedding day on track

    Choosing the right wedding coordinator can help schedule your day by creating a timeline to make sure everything runs smoothly. “We help the bride coordinate the entire day, as opposed to just one aspect,” Katy said. “It’s important to hire a planner to juggle all the little details that will make their day flow seamlessly and remain special, so the bride and groom don’t have to worry about a thing. I’ve heard horror stories about brides having their phones blown up on the day of their wedding because the florist can’t find parking space, so they’re calling the bride. That is simply not acceptable and definitely an issue the bride shouldn’t be bothered with on her wedding day. This is why every bride should have a coordinator that already has a relationship with her chosen vendors.”

    Enlisting a coordinator to help organize and plan your wedding can save you a lot of stress and allow you to better enjoy your special day.

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